Adrie van de Ven

Adrie van de Ven has it’s roots in Cuijk (province of Noord Brabant)
Netherlands. He had been drawing from childhood and was always his
favorite subject. During his studies at the Pedagogical Academy in Nijmegen
he specialised in the subjects of drawing and history. He also worked on
silkscreening, portrait making, painting, photography and made etching his
After having taught for many years in the Netherlands, he left for Bonaire in
1992 (part of the former Netherlands Antilles). Until 1999 he taught there and
married his wife Mila and went back to the Netherlands. A stay of only7 years.
Family conditions on Bonaire made them decide to go back tot heir beloved
island of Bonaire. The island he talks about with love and passion and is
proud to be able to live there. Currently he teaches CKV-lessons (Culture,
Artistic Education) at the schoolcommunity SGB (department VMBO classes 3
and 4, ages 14 – 17.

“Bonaire, an island where the colours are splashing. The contrast
on the southside where the pink salt pans turn into the turquoise
blue sea, sometimes surprisingly interrupted by bright orange
flamingo’s flying over. The inspiring fauna in the form of poisonous
green iguanas, the colourfull parakeets and parrots. The
blossoming flamboyant, kibrahacha and the bougainvilles, not to
mention the colourful underwaterworld and the fascinating sunsets.
That’s what Bonaire stands for. The Bonairian colours that amaze
and inspire me in my work”.


"Want the wings of the butterfly retain their luster then you shouldn't touch them"

Pablo Picasso.

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